About Us


We are three brothers who share an interest in history and cycling…

Sam is an archaeologist and avid cyclist. When he isn’t riding his bike he is digging wherever he can. He has worked for the British Museum and the Mellon Foundation and excavated throughout the Mediterranean, including at Pompeii and at Chersonesos in the Crimea. He helped restore Westminster Abbey and graveyards in St. Pancras. At the moment Sam excavates Aboriginal artefacts in Australia and runs Ride and Seek Bike Tours who specialise in expedition cycling.

Ben Wood is a software developer, history and cycling enthusiast. He is proudest of his growing collection of 1990s cycling sunglasses and young daughter. Ben currently works in London for various technology companies and also has a passing interest in quantum electrodynamics of microwave electrical circuits and quantum information processing with superconducting qubits and cavities and Hintikka-style game-theoretic cross-layer resource semantics.

Danny Wood is a journalist and wine enthusiast. He was a BBC correspondent in Spain for 7 years and has reported news and anchored radio programs for a range of broadcasters. He lives in Kansas City where he works at a local winery and writes for Midwest Wine Press.

On Hannibal’s Trail is a six part BBC documentary filmed in Spain, France, the Alps, Italy and Tunisia. The adventure involved Sam, Ben and Danny bicycling more than 2,000 miles on the trail of the Carthaginian commander who fought ancient Rome. The show was broadcast on BBCFour in 2010 and and on BBC2 in 2012.  When the first episode aired on BBC2 in January 2012 it  was viewed by more than one million people. The series has since been sold to National Geographic Channel and Viasat and has been broadcast in over 50 countries.  

Nana – some background on our Australian grandmother.