Episode 1 cycling route:

Episode 1 photos:

Episode 2 cycling route – Sagunto to Empuries, Spain
Episode 2 and 3 cycling route – Empuries to Avignon, France
Episode 2 photos
Episode 3 route – Avignon to Grenoble, France
Episode 3 photos

Episode 4 routes across the Alps
Danny’s route across the Alps
Ben’s route across the Alps
Sam’s route across the Alps
Episode 4 photos

Ben and Sam’s routes are slightly wrong – we actually all stayed together until Ben went north at the Col du Lautaret and Sam went south east at Briançon.

Episode 5:
Episode 5 part 1 – Alps to Piacenza and Rome to Capua
Episode 5 part 2 – Parma to Lake Trasimene
We’re missing our map from Lake Trasimene to Rome.
Episode 5 part 3 – Capua to Cannae
Episode 5 photos

Episode 6:
Episode 6 part 1 – Taranto to Crotone
Episode 6 photos
We’re also missing our Tunisia and Cannae to Crotone maps I’m sorry.